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Stefan Salvatore :)
  • Why I like him - because he’s a great guy. I think he’s one of most complicated character in TVD: he’s started with Good Stefan, Doppelganger of Edward Cullen (his hair in Pilot, lol!). He was good, and sweet, the perfect boyfriend. The ideal of man. The kind of vampire you’d like to spend eternity with. Then he lost control in 1x17-1x20 but he overcame it. It was first time Stefan actually became really interesting (because comparing to Damon, in S1 Stefan was kinda boring) ;p Then came S2 when he was bonding with Damon and the most important - season finale. He met his husband again and has become True Rippah again <3 in S3 his character developed really much, we saw many faces of Stefan. I like the most sassy Rippah, befellow of Klaus.
  • Why I don’t - Sometimes Stefan is really unfair about Damon. He claims Damon did horrible tihngs - while he wasn’t any better. He’s also “uber-protective” about everybody. Also he’s brooding too much sometimes. I don’t like that he stole coffins in 3x09 instead of kissing Klaus. ;/
  • Favorite episode - 3x03 - Chicago. Roaring 20’ Belong to Klefan!
  • Favorite season - definately 3rd - because Rippah, bedfellow and everything else connected to KLEFAN.
  • Favorite line -It’s hard to pick up the one. I like all sassy-Stefan-lines to Damon or Klaus… but all I can think about right now is the line to Elena, from 2x14 which always makes me cry when re-watching:
  • This is the future memory. Here your boyfriend hugged you and whispered “I love you”
  • Favorite outfit - everything he wears is great and he always looks sexy;p
  • OTP - KLEFAN. I’ve told so much on my blog about it, that I shouldnt’ repeat myself. They’re strange bedfellows, ok? ;p still, Stefan is so shippable - I like Stelena (just don’t see much hope for them in S4), Stebekah (more in S3 than S4) and Steferine. Once upon a time I liked Steroline but not in S4 version.
  • Brotp - DEFAN. It’s the best possible BROTP. They are damn brothers and they’re the best together. Outside family - well, I would never call KLEFAN “brotp” ‘cause NO. They’re husbands, not brothhers, ok? But I always have liked dynamics and similiarities between Elijah and Stefan. “Noble” brothers, but with all issues, but not saints. So well, Stelijah ;)
  • Head Canon - Klaus comes to him one day, telling Stefan about his feelings. They kiss and have sex on Stefan’s bed, then leave MF and get married. Then they will find Tyler and adopt him, living through eternity as one happy family, inviting Rebekah, elijah and Damon for Christmas ;)
  • Unpopular opinion - I dislike Steroline in S4 while everybody seems to love it.
  • A wish - I want him to stop denying feelings for Klaus and get married ASAP. ;p
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen - Steroline sex. Stefan eating bunnies again. Stefan hating Damon. Stefan hating Klaus.
  • 5 words to best describe them - passionate, cute, caring, sassy, sexy
  • My nickname for him - Rippah
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